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How to file your CIPC Annual Returns

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Pay using a credit card, EFT or a cash deposit at any ATM.

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Certificate will be sent to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about CIPC Annual Returns.
All businesses must file their annual returns with the CIPC once a year, within 30 days of their company’s birthday. The purpose of filing annual returns is to certify whether a company is still in operation or will be in the near future. It’s the equivalent of renewing your company for another year.
Companies are required to file an annual return within 30 business days after their registration date (regardless as to whether it was active or not). You may still file beyond that period, but there will be an extra penalty charge.
The cost of a private company’s annual return is determined by the company’s turnover and any late payment penalties. We will evaluate your fee upfront as part of the procedure.
Yes. Even if your firm was dormant, it was still obliged by law to submit and pay annual returns. You would just submit a return with a zero turnover.

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