SA Corporate Registrations

CIPC Customer

Our office is a registered CIPC Customer and we are able to ensure that the statutory records of your entity or client entity complies with the requirements of the Companies Act by providing any of the following requested services:

  • Registration of new companies, providing shelf companies and attending to statutory changes thereto.
  • Conversion of Close Corporations to private companies or public companies.
  • Maintaining the statutory registers and minute books at our offices.
  • Restructuring of groups of companies.
  • Appointment/resignation of directors, public officers, company secretaries, etc.
  • Transferring shares, allotment of shares, issuing of share certificates and the payment of the Securities Transfer Tax to the South African Revenue Service through E-Filing.
  • Special resolutions relating to changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association such as name changes, adoption of the new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), increase of the share capital and the conversion from par value to no par value shares, creation of preference shares for SPV purposes.
  • Acquisition of shares by the company.
  • Changing the financial year-end of the Company.
  • Appointing/resigning the auditor of the Company.
  • Changing the registered office and postal addresses of the Company.
  • Attending meetings of the Directors and the taking of the minutes.
  • Attending Annual General Meetings and acting as an independent scrutineer and assisting in the compilation of the proxy register, vote reconciliation and the taking of minutes of the meeting.
  • Submission of CIPC annual returns and if so required, the cancellation of the deregistration process.
  • Deregistration of companies.
  • Director training on the duties and responsibilities of Directors.
  • Director training on the King Code of Governance Principles for South Africa 2009 (“King III”).