SA Corporate Registrations

Shareholder Verification

Our office is able to assist your entity in re-establishing contact and the updating of details with inactive, dormant, lost, or missing shareholders. Individuals are changing their contact details (cell phone, landline, email etc) repeatedly, moving addresses frequently and in some cases leaving the country altogether. Even though technology has improved, data is not always up to date and access to certain data has become more restricted with changing data protection laws. In addition, typical shareholder communication by post is less cost effective and the new Companies Act allows for shareholder communication by email.

South African Corporate Registrations (Pty) Ltd is able to provide a local and global verification & tracing solution that suits South African entities who wish to update the details of shareholders in order that they can communicate with the shareholders through an efficient and cost effective manner.

We are able to use an extensive SMS, post, email, fax and phone contact strategy and we allow shareholders to come to our offices to confirm their personal details.