Tax Clearance Certificate / TCS Pin Letter

As an SMME, you will need to provide, confirm, or share your tax clearance information with another entity. This could be for a new contract, good standing, or foreign investment. Your Tax Clearance information can be obtained via SARS’ Tax Compliance Status (TCS) system through a TCS Pin Letter.

What is a Tax Clearance Certificate / TCS Pin Letter?

A SARS Tax Clearance Certificate confirm that a business is tax compliant, that it has no outstanding SARS debt and that its tax filings are up to date. SARS previously used the Tax Clearance Certificate system, which was replaced by Tax Compliance Status (TCS). Instead of a manual Tax Certificate, the new TCS system allows you to obtain a TCS PIN in real-time. PS: Your tax compliance status is dynamic, changing in response to your tax behaviour, and can have an impact on your business opportunities.