SA Corporate Registrations

Streamlined statutory services earn Kilgetty Statutory Services a top spot in the industry.

Kilgetty Statutory Services consists of professionals who are members of the institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, which means that with their extensive experience this professional and highly adaptable team is able to deal with any type of essential documentation and transaction that may be required out in the field.

Providing tailor made solutions for all corporate governance issues, Kilgetty Statutory Services are industry leaders in their field, bringing knowledge, skill and a high level of expertise to any entity they collaborate with.  Kilgetty Statutory Services will keep you up to date with all documentation and submissions where it comes to registering any entity with the South African Revenue Service for VAT, PAYE, UIF and Workman’s Compensation, freeing you up to focus on the wealth of your entity.

With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, Kilgetty Statutory Services, this professional and dedicated team have already provided Company Secretarial Services, Legal Services, Board Services, and Registration of Companies services to over 4000 loyal clients throughout South Africa, making them the go-to team for tailor made corporate governance solutions to suit all entities, large and small.

When you need honest and professional advice to ensure your company is complying in a pro-active and efficient manner with all its statutory obligations, then the team at Kilgetty Statutory Services have a wealth of experience in their field at your service, providing flexible tailored services to suit all sectors of business.

An ethos that offers the kind of professional service you would expect from a top consultancy firm in South Africa and a commitment to making your life easier, focusing on your needs to work the way you would like them to, dedicated to efficiency in their use of better technology to streamline their processes, has certainly earned Kilgetty Statutory Services their place at the top of the industry!

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