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Full Range of Board Services in South Africa

Are you looking for help organising your board meetings or shareholder meetings? It can be time-consuming, and also takes away valuable manpower from important areas of the daily business. Why not outsource your meeting organisation and scheduling? Many companies in South Africa, from smaller outfits to major corporations, use the comprehensive range of services that we provide at Kilgetty Statutory Services, and we are proud of a roster of satisfied customers in all areas of the country. With a wealth of expertise within our team you are assured of excellent service every time.

So, what can Kilgetty Statutory Services do for you? For board meetings, we take things from the initial discussion with the CEO regarding the agenda of the meeting, creating and distributing the meeting packs with all relevant information, keeping the registers and attendance information and following up after the meeting on points of action. We take great care to ensure your meeting is organised smoothly and efficiently, without you needing to take time out from your routine and essential dealings. Wit competitive rates and a strong reputation for getting the job done, Kilgetty Statutory Services is the name you need to remember.

Our shareholder meeting organisation covers similar ground, and we will collate and distribute all information required in good time plus handle the running of the meeting for you, and you will find our team to be approachable, friendly and capable at all times. We like to ensure our clients return to us time and time again, and with many household names among our regular customers you can rest assured that the service you receive will be of the very highest order. Why not contact us at Kilgetty Statutory Services right away, and one of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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