SA Corporate Registrations

Spend Your Time More Productively

Are you of the opinion you are spending too much time on areas of your business that should be handled by others? It is a problem with many businesses that you can find yourself tied up with administration and organisational work when your time could be better used. Fortunately, help is available: Kilgetty Statutory Services offers a full range of secretarial services to companies across South Africa, and as a leading player in the industry is well placed to ensure your company gets the attention it deserves, and you can turn your attention to more important areas of the business.

Kilgetty Statutory Services has many clients in the country, ranging from small start-up businesses to larger corporate entities, and we provide the same level of professional service to each one of our many satisfied clients. We can handle everything from secretarial requirements to corporate and board level needs, and we have a wealth of experience in registration and SARS compliance, so your company will be correctly registered at all times. You can rely on us to ensure everything is above board and in place where it is required to be.

With a highly experienced management team and offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, Kilgetty Statutory Services is on hand to help you achieve efficient and successful business operation, and we believe that we have the range of experience that you need. Our rates are sensible and competitive, and you will be impressed with the level of professionalism we guarantee. You can contact us via the website for any information you may need, or simply to talk to us about your requirements, and we’ll do our very best to help in whatever way we can. Let Kilgetty Statutory Services handle the routine, and concentrate on growing your business.

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